We believe children learn best through play. Our rooms are open plan and offer a wide range of quality resources for the children to independently access throughout the day. Our well trained carers will support and guide each individual child when needed, enhancing their play and developing their next steps in learning.

The Nursery
For our younger children ages 0-2 years.
We provide our babies with as much stimulation as possible within our loving homely surroundings.

The Playroom
For children, ages 2-5 years. The room is spacious and well equipped with a range of resourses to support play and learning. Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated and passionate about the care they offer our children. Staff use their professionalism and knowledge to plan purposeful activities based on the children's interests and developmental stages. Our education programmes cover all areas of learning, offering a breadth of quality experiences. As a result, children effectively gain the necessary skills ready for their transition to big school.

Opening Hours
Open from 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday. The nursery closes on bank holidays and also from the close of play on the 23rd December. Return to nursery will, at the earliest be 2nd January. Parents will be informed prior to all closures.

We love exploring the great outdoors with
Etherow park on our doorstep. We allow the children
to explore the environment independently, when
in an identified safe space. Free from restraints,
this allows the children to get the best out of such
experiences. We also offer a secure outdoor play
area. This area is well thought out and offers a
range of activities for the children to enjoy.

We strongly believe in the importance of a healthy,
well balanced and nutritional diet for all children.
Our meals are prepared fresh on a daily basis.
Special dietary requirements are catered for upon
request and vegetarian options are also available.